“With severe low back pain for 4-5 years… with 6 weeks of treatments zero back pain.”
“I was skeptical but I was at the point where I would try anything… now I’m much better.”
“I badly pulled something between my hip and lower back and I was in Major major pain…I could not sleep, I was absolutely miserable, so Dr. Howard did some AMIT treatments and I was absolutely amazed at the remission of pain.”
“For many years I had severe headaches and severe sinus infections… after having my sinus adjusted I felt an immediate pressure release…”
“Coming here was one of the best decisions I made… After a few months of treatments I am up and running and dancing again…”
“My experience was phenomenal… I didn’t know how many things were working against me. I came in for a seasonal allergy problem… My quality of life has significantly improved by getting all the other things I had reversed…”
“My granddaughter has asthma… since she’s been getting adjusted she hasn’t had any asthma flare-ups and her breathing problems are a lot better… ”
“I’ve had the lower back pain for the past 2 years and the last 6 months really horrible… He gave me some orthotics and since then my back pain has been much much better… ”
“I was told I had a herniated disc by a medical doctor… I landed here and immediately started getting good results…”
“She was having problems in kindergarten writing her letters… spelling her name, just the basic things and with Dr. Howard’s help, with his muscle and laser treatment she can now write her name and spell her name…”