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Good health depends on energy. The energy force within each of us that allows us to maximize our capacity as humans. At the same time, we get out of balance, and our energy is depleted. We experience all kinds of problems such as stress, fatigue, depression and disease. Maintaining a proper balance body chemistry is essential. Your pH balance which is the ratio between acid and alkaline depends on the foods that you eat.

A high priority of your body is to make sure there is an alkaline reserve that will help balance the acid levels in your body. At a fundamental level, the regulatory mechanisms such as breathing, circulation, digestion and hormonal production balance the pH level in the body by removing acid residues from the body tissues. The pH cannot deviate too far on the acid or alkaline sides, and if it deviates too far the cells become poisoned by their own toxic waste and die.

Different tissues of the body need to maintain different levels of pH to sustain life. The blood in most tissues should be slightly alkaline, whereas urine, saliva and the digestive tract should be slightly acidic. It is very important to maintain alkaline reserves comprised of elements such as sodium bicarbonate. This reserve is stored until it is needed to neutralize excess acid in the body. If the body is chronically acidic, it will deplete the alkaline reserves and then the body will remain acidic.


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