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In today’s frantic world, raising healthy children is more challenging than ever before. Many children who are attending school have shown increased stress, heightened exposure to infection and a likelihood of illnesses such as the cold and flu. Do you know a student who suffers from frequent illnesses?Then you know that the persistent illness can be devastating for kids. For the child, it means isolation from friends as well as loss of energy, moodiness, restricted exercise and tons of extra homework. Parent’s worst nightmare is having a sick child. So what can you do to help?Fortunately, we can help by showing parents and/or guardians how to ensure their youngsters develop lifelong wellness habits to help prevent illnesses. According to Dr. Howard, the secret to raising healthy children is to help them establish a balanced life. This includes nutrition, exercise and positive relationships with family and friends and most importantly regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care for children you ask? Absolutely! Just like adults, children often endure the condition known as vertebral subluxation. This is areas in the spine where movement is restricted or bones are slightly out of alignment. These dysfunctional areas are linked to back and neck pain, as well as a myriad of other health concerns such as headaches, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, ADD, infantile colic and ear infections. Research shows that chiropractic care may effectively alleviate these disorders in youngsters. One study showed that blood levels of immune markers known as PMNs were significantly increased 15 minutes after receiving a chiropractic adjustment thus improving the immune system.

Pediatric adjustments require extremely low force adjustments and are completely safe and effective. Dr. Howard uses gentle maneuvers in which he tailors the chiropractic adjustment to match the size of a child’s vertebra, thus adapting the technique for each patient. This ensures that the child is comfortable and relaxed during and after the adjustment.

Chiropractic care does not treat the illness directly; its main focus is on the whole person not just the symptoms. Rather than recommending potentially harmful drugs to treat the illness, chiropractors concentrate on all natural solutions and periodic checkups.

You got some nerves!
Did you know that every day we live our lives through our nervous systems? Whether it’s enjoying time with family, walking your pet or recovering from an illness. Our nervous systems are in control of everything. In today’s world we focus mainly on blood sugar, allergies, blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few. Yet these largely result from the nervous system’s directions. For example you may have head forward posture which causes the muscles in the back of the neck to contract and the vertebra to be misaligned, which can lead to vision problems and headaches.So even the smallest nervous system disturbance can dramatically affect the way your whole body works. The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions including the healing of the body. Any interference with the nervous system alters the body’s ability to function and heal itself.


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