December Nutrition Alerts

“Cold & Flu Season” is here, The popularity of the  two viral strains increases during wintertime. This occurs due to the dependency of shorter days with reduced sunlight hours and cold weather. Problematically the common cold & flu are two of the most widespread illnesses our society is faced with today. They are also the leading cause of doctor visits and loss of time away from school and work.
During the “cold & flu season” pro-flu-shot vaccination campaign increases targeting human social & emotional behaviors to aid in marketing the vaccination as the “way to go” cure. The flashy bill boards or the catchy television commercials about the vaccine fail to mention;
*The flu vaccine had only a moderate effect on reducing time off work in adults and had no effect on hospitalization or actual complication rates (pneumonia, transmission to others ).
* The vaccine was found to be a poor match to the actual viral strain affecting the population during that specific year.
Chiropractors advise their patients about natural alternatives to help protect against the viruses. Studies have shown that two nutritional supplements zinc and vitamin D help enhance immunity. The intake of zinc significantly reduced the severity of the common cold symptoms, and even helped prevent from obtaining the virus.
* School absence and prescription of antibiotics were statistically reduced with zinc.
Vitamin D levels in the human body have an inverse trend to the cold and flu virus incidence and prevalence. Supplementation of Vitamin D may reduce the occurrence of viral respiratory infections in both adults and children. Vitamin D(3) has anti-viral and anti-microbial roles in regulating the immune system.
* Vitamin D supplementation during the winter months reduces the incidence of Influenza A.
From time to time we all are going to get sick. So instead of running to the local clinic to get the flu vaccine, why not supplement with appropriate nutra-ceuticals to aid in the prevention of and lessening the severity/duration of the cold and flu. It appears to be just as effective, if not more, and safer to think zinc and vitamin D.

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