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Osteoporosis is something that can cause pain, heartache and severely limit your daily activities, especially if it becomes severe. The good news is that you can prevent it from becoming severe.

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis (porous bone) is a condition where the bone has became weak and thin. It is characterised by low bone mass and structural degeneration of bone tissue, causing the bone’s weakness and an increased likelihood of fracture. The appearance of a normal bone structure has the appearance of a honeycomb – a thick outer shell and a strong inner mesh with many holes. The holes between the bony mesh become larger in osteoporosis meaning the bone structure is weakened and susceptible to breaking with the slightest knock or fall.s

How Common is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis has effected over 10 million Americans, and another 34 million are at high risk for developing it. Osteoporosis is a disease that results in low bone mass which makes the bones more fragile. Because osteoporosis causes no symptoms until a fracture, many people are unaware they have it. Most people with osteoporosis are over 50 years old, although it can occur at any age.

There is no cure for osteoporosis, so treatment methods are intended only to bolster bone density and either prevent the condition from occurring or slow its progression. Ongoing chiropractic care can help alleviate pain associated with osteoporosis or help treat an osteoporosis-related injury. Also, the treatment can help you increase or maintain mobility and range of motion, which can help you protect yourself from falls and fractures. Be sure to notify your chiropractor of your condition before you begin, so he or she can tailor treatment to your needs.


Carpal Tunnel

Problems in the neck can cause pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, or a loss of strength in the hands.

The major nerve controlling the thumb, index, and parts of the middle, and ring finger is called the median nerve. From the tip of your fingers, it travels through the bones in your wrist, past your elbow, up your arm, through your shoulder and neck, and finally to your spinal cord. Problems can develop in one or more of these areas.
The carpal “tunnel” is formed by bones in the wrist. The median nerve, tendons, and blood vessels pass through this opening. If one or more of the bones forming this tunnel should collapse, inflammation, nerve pressure, and painful symptoms in the wrist area can result. The median nerve connects to the spinal cord through openings between several bones in the lower neck. When these spinal bones lose their normal motion or position, they can cause problems in the fingers and wrist. After a thorough examination your chiropractic doctor will perform and reduce nerve irritation. When given time, conservative, chiropractic care has produced excellent results with carpal tunnel problems-without drugs or surgery.

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