Low Back Pain

Do you hate it when you get up out of bed or from a seated position and it takes awhile to stand up straight because of your low back pain?

Why can’t I get rid of this back pain?

It’s obvious that some low back problems can come from car accidents, athletic activities and other injuries. Yet, low back pain is often the result of cumulative damage. Years of excess weight, Lifting incorrectly, bad posture, poor muscle tone or other causes set the stage for low back pain to occur. Then one day you bend down to pick up something like a shoe and your back ‘goes out.’
Many daily activities can cause low back pain, such as:

  • sitting long periods
  • incorrect posture
  • bad lifting posture
  • walking with falling arches in your feet
  • worn mattress etc.

Experiencing low back strains over and over can result in muscles being shut down causing weakness and therefore instability of the hips and low back.


When a muscle is overloaded beyond its ability to sustain the load, one of two things happen. The muscle fibers tear and/or the nervous system inhibits the muscle. Much like a circuit breaker in an electrical circuit. This is done to protect the muscle from more severe injury.
But these muscles stay shut down and they love to spasm, swell with any little reason and become painful if irritated. But they do not become strong again until treated with Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. (Read more about A.M.I.T. Here)

Once treated (or “Turned on”) the muscle becomes strong again and therefore stabilizes the low back, hips and spine.  Now the chronic or ‘unresolved’ low back pains will be resolved.

There are other causes of low back pain such as a short leg, degeneration, scoliosis and structural issues that have to have further examination and other diagnostic imaging may be warranted to reveal the underlying structure of the spine.

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Why we are different

Dr. Howard is different than other Chiropractors. He uses several methods to check weakened muscles and misalignments in the spine. Many other Chiropractors only use one or two methods. Dr. Howard looks for the cause of the low back pain and treats accordingly.

Causes of misalignment can be:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Muscle Imbalance / Asymmetry
  • Sports Activities
  • Bad Posture
  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Organ Dysfunction
  • Spinal decay / Degeneration
  • And Others…

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