Nasal Specific/Cranial Release

Nasal Specific/Cranial Release Treatment
The cranium is made up of 8 bony plates once thought to fuse in adolescence. In the early 1930’s, the idea originated that these plates don’t actually fuse but articulate and aid in the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through the brain and central nervous system. On the basis of her extensive recordings, in 1962 Dr. Viola Frymann, D.O. was able to conclusively determine that a rhythmic pattern of cranial bone mobility exists and moves at a rate that is different than that of thoracic respiration.1

Trauma to the face, head, or neck, including the birth process, can often cause the cranial plates to shift or lock resulting in increased cranial tension, pressure on the brain, and altered blood and CSF flow. The effects range from mild allergies to severe mental and physical disabilities.

Bilateral Nasal Specific is a very safe and effective way to adjust the nasal sinuses and unlock the cranial plates. This is accomplished by inflating a small balloon into the 3 nasal sinuses in each nostril.

Conditions commonly helped with nasal specific:

Deviated septum
Sleep apnea
Poor Memory
Poor Balance
Recurring ear infections
Poor concentration
TMJ dysfunction
Dental crowding
Hearing loss
Neck and back pain
Post traumatic brain injury (concussion)
Post brain surgery
Birth Trauma

See what results other doctors are getting with Cranial Release using a balloon:

Best outcomes are achieved with a series of 5 nasal specific adjustments on consecutive
days while taking targeted synergistic nutrients. Benefits will continue to be noticed up to 2
weeks after treatment. A 3 week follow up is scheduled to determine outcome and any further
necessary therapy.

Synergistic nutrients – $80 which include: Sesame seed oil 4/day (2/2)
Thymex 4/day (2/2)
Antronex 8/day (4/4)
Pituitrophin PMG 4/day (2/2)

Nasal Specific – $175
Series – 5 treatments – $955 (includes synergistic nutrients)

1 Magoun HI. Osteopathic approach to dental enigmas. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 1962;62:34-42

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