Allergy Sensitivity Elimination

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The ASA Balance Machine is the newest technology to Test and Treat the body for Allergy Sensitivities. It helps re-program the body’s electrical memory to aid in the elimination of sensitivities.ASA body balance

One of the most common causes for the Atlas (C1), the top vertebrae, to subluxate (become misaligned), is the body’s response to sensitivities. These sensitivities can be food, animals, plants, fungus, emotions, chemicals and other environmental substances.

All matter in the universe has it’s own unique frequency, thus we can take the things most people have been allergic or sensitive to and introduce it to the body through the ASA machine. The ASA uses Biofeedback which introduces the body to over 100,000 different frequencies and then measure changes in skin resistance. If the person is sensitive to that particular substance then the machine records this and then moves on to the next substance and repeats the process.

Once all sensitivities have been recorded, then the ASA re-introduces that frequency to the body along with different frequencies that would neutralize the sensitivity. We then treat the body with the neutralizing frequency through Laser and electrical conducting metals. After the treatment, the person will need to perform a detox footbath to help in the removal of toxins. Watch some testimonials on the ASA.

This ASA treatment along with specific clinical nutrition is used in the process of eliminating Allergy sensitivities. Once the sensitivities are reduced or eliminated, the spine will hold adjustments longer and therefore improve your health.ASA body balance banner