Ribonucleic Acid for Anti-Aging,

Memory/Balance & Thyroid Function! *


Would you like to see an increase in energy, decreased wrinkles, increased skin elasticity, improved memory/balance and immune enhancement? 

Ribonucleic Acid may help!

PLEASE NOTE:  Not all RNA supplements are created equal and quality, dosages, ingredients, manufacturing processes and other factors can impact the efficacy of the product.  The most expensive supplement or product is one that does not work (or worse, that can have a negative impact because of quality issues)!  We carry the highest quality, professional line of therapeutic products.  Please contact our office for a professional nutritional evaluation for safety and efficacy.

 Functions of RNA in the Body

Simply put, it is involved with protein formation.  Most cellular renewal, growth and repair are under the direction of RNA and DNA since they control protein synthesis.  If you lack sufficient amounts in your daily diet your body can trigger premature aging through cellular degeneration that may manifest itself by wrinkles, sagging skin, poor energy, and one very important area is memory.  Hence, supplementing with RNA through your diet and supplements may help with overall health and well-being.

Factors that can deplete RNA are aging, poor dietary intake, stress (external and internal), toxins, lack of exercise and others.

RNA Research

Dr. Benjamin Frank MD, PH.D – conducted pioneering research in the 1950’s using RNA to treat degenerative disease and aging.  We invite you to learn more about Dr. Frank’s work with RNA and aging, but to summarize briefly, Dr. Frank’s research indicated a loss of RNA as we age and thus supplementing as we age can be extremely beneficial.


Effects of RNA Therapy

  • Marked increase in energy or activity
  • Anti-anoxia action (i.e., reduced shortness of breath/ability to work with less oxygen.
  • Allows the body to use oxygen more efficiently)
  • Increased ability to tolerate low temperatures
  • Decreased skin wrinkling and increased skin elasticity
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Immune enhancement


Anti-Aging Effect of RNA on Skin

One of the most visible effects of aging is the wrinkling of the skin.  Other skin changes include a loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin, accompanied by the loss of fat and water.

In human studies, Dr. Frank reported that:

“The most striking effects were observed on the skin of the face…. the higher the dosage, the more rapidly these effects were observed. The first changes appeared to be alterations in skin …toward a healthier, rosier looking skin, with an apparent smoothening of the skin of the face, without any change yet in wrinkles and lines…. When dosages as low as 500 to 1,000 mg RNA daily were used (3-6 RNA tablets), these early changes occurred in about 2 to 3 weeks. When doses of 5 grams daily were used (29 RNA tablets), these changes occurred within the first week.

After one to two months of treatment, there not only was an increase in smoothness and color of the skin, but lines and wrinkles began to diminish. The wrinkles in the forehead were often the first to decrease in depth. Those of the nasolabial fold appeared to take longer. The lines around the eyes took longer still to decrease in depth….”

Dr. Frank’s dietary recommendations include:

Four days/week eat one small can of sardines

  • Eat fish on the other three days
  • Calf’s liver once/week
  • Lentils, peas, lima beans, asparagus, radishes, onions, scallions, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, celery are good sources (Not as high as sardines but good to add to diet)

It would be safe to say that most people will not be crazy about eating a large quantity of sardines and liver!  Fortunately, we have high-quality, specially formulated products with liver and RNA as part of their complex ingredients, but the highest source is our straight RNA tablets.

RNA for Thyroid Function and Memory/Balance

Low Thyroid Function: Because RNA is involved with protein formation and this process is energy intensive, it increases heat production, making it especially helpful for cold hands and feet! RNA seems to be especially valuable with patients who present with hypo and hyper thyroid at the same time. This patient is making an excess of thyroid hormone but the cells cannot make use of the hormone. In very simple terms, RNA is like the key that unlocks the cell door and lets the thyroid hormone enter.

Memory and Balance: RNA is a part of the crude chemical base for memory, both proprioceptive as well as of the nervous system.  There is a very simple test that we can do in our office to see if you can benefit from RNA supplementation.

*Note:  This is not a treatment for any condition and it is always important to check with your physician before embarking on any therapy

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