Destination – Optimal Health

We provide a high level of diagnostic and treatment services to help your specific condition.

• Radiological Examination
Neurological Examination
Orthopedic Examination
Nutritional Examination
If your condition warrants additional diagnostics, urinalysis, salivary tests and blood tests, they will be recommended.


Techniques Utilized

The following is a list of techniques utilized by our office:

• Adjustments of the Spine and Extremities
• Allergy/Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique
• Applied Kinesiology
• Applied Neurology
• Biosonic Repatterning (Sound)
• Cervical Disc Techniques
• Chromatherapy (Color)
• Cold Laser Therapy / LLLT
• Couples Reintegration Technique
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Detoxification Therapy
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation
• Emotional Therapy
• Environmental Medicine
• Enzyme Therapy
• Eyelight Therapy
• 5 Minute Phobia Cure
• Herbal medicine
• Homeopathy
• Injury Recall Technique
• Ionic Hydrotherapy
• Low Force Instrument Adjusting
• Lumbar Disc Techniques
• Lymphatic Massage
• Magnetic Field Therapy
• Myofascial Release
• Nutritional consultation
• Orthotics
• Ocular Release
• Pain Desensitization
• Pelvic Blocking
• Rehabilitation
• Scar Tissue Release
• Therapeutic Massage
• Visceral Manipulation

We utilize cutting-edge technology to assist the patient in achieving their maximum health potential.

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